Version: 1.1a || Release Date: 2006-07-19 || License: GPL App Owner: chagrins

Chamonix is a CHM viewer. It has read every CHM I've thrown at it, but it still needs support for exporting an entire CHM to PDF, printing an entire CHM, and customizable toolbar. What it does so far though, it does very well.

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Warning: This application breaks with the Safari 3 Beta.

I created some <a href="">replace icons</a>, so it looks much nicer now: :)

This also fails for me using 10.4.9 - just getting a blank page.

Huh? This thing doesn't work at all for me (OS 10.4.9). I get a blank page no matter what chm file I open...

Great application but absolutely horrible icon. I found a much better one and now I'm happy with it =). Seems to be the only CHM viewer on mac with search functionality.

I used to use Chmox but a couple of its drawer tabs (including search) don't seem to appear any more. I tried xCHM but it only seems to be able to handle one .chm file at a time. So, now I'm using Chamonix :-)

Looks like the best UB option for viewing CHM files at the moment. The app looks solid, although the icons are atrocious. Maybe I'll create some of my own....