Version: 1.6.0 || Release Date: 2012-10-02 || License: Commercial with demo ($49.95) Developer: Skorpiostech, Inc. | App Owner: factoryjoe

A seamless addition to your code or prose editing environment which makes managing differences between files and folders fast, easy, and efficient. A wonderful replacement for Apple’s aging FileMerge utility, Changes features a CLI utility, a TextMate bundle, BBEdit & TextWrangler menu scripts, Xcode integration, and AppleScript support. These features make Changes incredibly extensible, powerful, and easy-to-integrate into any workflow. Changes also supports Subversion, CVS, Mercurial, git, Perforce, and many other popular SCM systems. Changes is not just a developer’s tool, it’s targeted at anyone who works with folders and text files.

Using an improved differencing algorithm, Changes makes file synchronization and text merging simple, painless, and powerful. Changes 1.5 goes one step further, transparently integrating with leading-edge tools like Coda and Espresso.

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To be honest, I don't get 'Changes'. The interface constantly makes me feel like I'm either missing something or I'm not in full control of what's going to happen. Or has already happened. I always can't tell. Especially for the price it doesn't feel like a very well thought-out app.

Agree with the consensus here… This is a nice app, but I simply wouldn't pay $50 for it, considering the market. DiffMerge is ugly as sin, but works a charm for free. FileMerge comes with the system, and works, despite being slow and a bit quirky. DiffFork is quite nice, for half the price. Lot going on out there…!

I use diffmerge - really great, and free

Too pricey for what it is. Why do so many developers feel their apps are worth $50? DiffMerge is free, and does pretty much everything Changes can do except folder sync.

Sorry, not trying to be a jerk, but Changes is overpriced. $25-$30 is more like it.

Requires Leopard.

Should be tagged with 'compare'

Yes, I know Araxis. I also know Kdiff3, Meld, xxdiff and countless others that do 3-way diffs, directory comparisons and more and are free and open source.

Don't get me wrong, I am definitely willing to pay for a better UI and a better Mac look and feel (Changes is very slick), but only if has an equivalent feature set first.


I'm the developer, and I was just wondering if you had ever heard of Araxis Merge? It's well over $200 just to get 3-way diffs.

$40 is quite expensive for a tool that doesn't even do 3-way diffs.

This is not freeware. It is $29.99 to buy during beta and $39.99 after the special promo finishes.