CheckBook Pro

Version: 2.04 || Release Date: 2009-09-01 || License: Commercial with demo ($24.95) Developer: Splasm Software | App Owner: golish

Need more than a basic check register and reporting tool? Try on CheckBook Pro, featuring everything in CheckBook and then some. Want a summary of all your accounts at once? How about advanced searching based on any combination of criteria? What if you'd like to change the date or description for a group of transactions in a single stroke? With CheckBook Pro's simply powerful data management tools it's just plain easy. Need more? Go Pro.

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2 Opinions

I quite like this one. It's quite simple, and has all the features I need, and was pretty cheap for me (part of a package purchase). The reports are fairly flexible as well, though I'd recommend testing them yourself before buying, in case they don't suit your needs. And it imports from my bank's format, which saves a ton of time.
There's also a "lite" version for $10 less, which I've also used. Aside from the multiple-item-editing, I haven't used the pro features much, but the smart folders are similar to other apps.

(Version 2.0.3)
I've spent hours looking at virtually all the personal finance programs available for the Mac and I've decided to migrate fully to Checkbook Pro. CBpro is simple to use, it's interface is really very nice and doesn't get bogged down with a lot of snazzy bells and whistles like a lot of the others have. Developers are soon to add iPhone capabilities.