Version: 1.1 || Release Date: 2006-07-12 || License: Shareware ($4.95) App Owner: avocade

Best .chm reader I've found yet.

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Even after buying Chimp, I've now switched to iCHM. Its vastly better

according to a comment on , the ip is now owned by someone else, and the dev of this app has vanished.

Black Ring? A band? What the...?

for a one time chm to pdf conversion, having to pay for the app does not make sense. i will make do with simply reading the chm with chmox that works nicely on osx leopard and leave the conversion to maybe never.


it exports CHM files to PDF in 1-step!!!!!

It's disappeared. WTF

This app is a great CHM reader. Simple and with a nice mac interface. Worth the 5 bucks.

The only chm reader that has a Spotlight plug! Highly recommended!