Chinese Flash Cards

Version: 2.4 || Release Date: 2013-08-21 || License: Freeware App Owner: joymlarson
  • FREE * Learn 200 Basic Chinese words and expressions! -- all with native speaker audio. Includes flashcards and exercises.

NEW IN VERSION 2! Custom User WordFiles: Create our own custom wordfile including adding your own words and recordings.

Features and Benefits:

◊ Over two hundred Chinese common words and useful phrases - each and every one with native speaker audio.

◊ Every word includes a crystal-care true native speaker's audio recording.

◊ Pinyin (English alphabet) written pronunciation for each word and phrase.

◊ Flashcard review and exercises to aid memorization.

◊ Learning-list testing technique ensures long-term word retention.

◊ Custom WordFiles allow users to create completely custom user WordFiles. (Full version required for more than one Custom WordFile).

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