Version: 0.907 || Release Date: 2009-03-14 || License: Shareware (14,99 EUR) App Owner: blackjack75

ChocoFlop is an image manipulation program based entirely on Apple's new CoreImage technology which takes advantages of the processing power in your GPU (graphics card).

Main features:
- Small, Launches in a pair of seconds
- Real Time non-destructive filters
- Rich Text Layers
- Load and opens many image formats
- Supports layers, layer masks, selections
- Paint tools with table pressure support
- HDR (128 bits per pixel)
- Universal Binary
- Easy to use for photoshop users
- Imports many RAW formats thanks to dcraw
- Save for web: get the best Jpeg / PNG compression on earth!

Keep in mind, ChocoFlop is beta software.

Requires OSX 10.4+ or higher.

The license if free until it reaches a stable status (v version 1.0):
See this page

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24 Opinions

Very cool from the playing around I've done with it. Lots of potential, and splendid for an alpha app!

Hi BJ =) I'm on an iMac, 1GB RAM intelcore2duo intel. I shall report the bug this evening =)

Can't figure out how to fill. So still on the hunt for a Mac alternative to MS Paint.

As I said previously and the description says, the app is not stable. That said pinky could you report the bug you get? It seems pretty serious. What hardware are you running on?

I really want to love this application, but it persistently crashes on launch. The most annoying bug is when it crashes mid image edit (varying edits), to the extent I need to reboot.

That being said, it is a good application, it just needs some fine tweaking.

BTW, growl is only used for hints, and you can chose to disable them, with one single-click each time the warning asking for growl shows up. (or disable them in the preferences if you have growl but don't want to use it).

Use of Core Image does make it really snappy, I'll give it that. But the UI is abysmal, and the fact that it requires you to use Growl instead of just popping up dialog boxes is ridiculous. I scrapped it pretty quickly because of the various UI issues. That said, I'm used to professional software (Photoshop) and certain things (scale tool?) just don't behave the way they 'should' according to existing software. There's potential in this software, but not without a fairly major UI overhaul. But really, Photoshop needs one of those too.

Very cool. Tiny filesize, super-fast and has tonnes of potential. It's got my vote over Gimp. Much kudos to the developer!!

The 'New from ClipBoard' feature in v0.48 has made ChocoFlop my image editor of choice for simple, quick tasks. You can click on an image on the desktop, or a thumbnail in iPhoto, or shapshot a part of the screen and with 2 clicks have it as a new image in ChocoFlop from the Dock!


Actually you can change the text attributes just like in TextEdit (font, sizes) . It's just not easy to see it. Just press Command+T (as in many mac apps) and you can change the attributes of the selection. Also you can change the color of the selection using the color picker from the main toolbar.

PS: Do not hesistate to use to report bugs or make suggestions. I already created a point with your comments on the GUI. There also dedicated forums on

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