Version: 0.907 || Release Date: 2009-03-14 || License: Shareware (14,99 EUR) App Owner: blackjack75

ChocoFlop is an image manipulation program based entirely on Apple's new CoreImage technology which takes advantages of the processing power in your GPU (graphics card).

Main features:
- Small, Launches in a pair of seconds
- Real Time non-destructive filters
- Rich Text Layers
- Load and opens many image formats
- Supports layers, layer masks, selections
- Paint tools with table pressure support
- HDR (128 bits per pixel)
- Universal Binary
- Easy to use for photoshop users
- Imports many RAW formats thanks to dcraw
- Save for web: get the best Jpeg / PNG compression on earth!

Keep in mind, ChocoFlop is beta software.

Requires OSX 10.4+ or higher.

The license if free until it reaches a stable status (v version 1.0):
See this page

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24 Opinions

Looks fine but....
- Why that big icons we have not problem with eyes.
- very weak font properties no font size pole, no color property
- Why thats giant marks poligons in text area? I feel sometimes like man with down syndrome. use this interface. (i mean "normal size" "large size" is enormouse)
- Giant (width) "ok", "cancel") and crowd in opens windows
- Transparency effect is not good idea, it decrease readibility, mayby some slider with "transparency %"
- Shape and size of cursor.

+ Photoshop look and shortcuts
+ Nice look
+ Fast and universal binary
+ Layers
+ Transition effects between layers
+ Undo levels

But it is 1.0 versions and it announce very very good and fast. I keep fingers crossed for it :-)

Hey, this is a great app.
I've been trying different image editors for the Mac OS X for ages now, really hard to find one that is small, simple but yet with a nice feature set (such as image cropping). ChocoFlop is the best one I've found so far.
Even though my machine does not support CoreImage (PPC Mac Mini), it still runs reasonably well.

Keep it up!

I just tried it. Very nice and small.

I am the author of this app. I just want to insist that it's not feature complete or stable as of today. That said it is not a shareware at this point either. You can still freely download and use the application for FREE. It will remain so until it reaches a stable point (but you can prepurchase/donate whatever you call it, hence the 14.99 price reported here).

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