Version: 0.907 || Release Date: 2009-03-14 || License: Shareware (14,99 EUR) App Owner: blackjack75

ChocoFlop is an image manipulation program based entirely on Apple's new CoreImage technology which takes advantages of the processing power in your GPU (graphics card).

Main features:
- Small, Launches in a pair of seconds
- Real Time non-destructive filters
- Rich Text Layers
- Load and opens many image formats
- Supports layers, layer masks, selections
- Paint tools with table pressure support
- HDR (128 bits per pixel)
- Universal Binary
- Easy to use for photoshop users
- Imports many RAW formats thanks to dcraw
- Save for web: get the best Jpeg / PNG compression on earth!

Keep in mind, ChocoFlop is beta software.

Requires OSX 10.4+ or higher.

The license if free until it reaches a stable status (v version 1.0):
See this page

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The inclusion of ImageMagick for the 'Save for Web' feature was a great idea. Needs X11 to work though. Maybe a screenshot of this would be useful.

Here is a working license that is on the developer's website.

First Name: ForNow
Serial Number: 89xZ9F911Z29D74E35BD84156C5635688CZ

Suggested fot Those that don't want to pay thousands of dollars to edit some pictures.
Easy, small light and almost complete for fast picture editing!

About the CMYK filter: it's the standard filter that comes with CoreImage. The 2.0 value for the size is the one defined in the filter itself. I guess I could ignore the limitation and see what it looks like, but usually the filter's authors knows why he set some limit.

Maybe someone will write another filter that suits your needs better. Any CoreImage filter should work within ChocoFlop. Just add them to your Units folder. There aren't that many companies writing CoreImage units so far but the time will come. Noise Industries released some already.

great work. i use this on a single 1ghz g5 at work and it runs great. i try and run it on an old busted dual 1.25 g4 at home with a garbage video card and it has issues but i run it anyway

<3 the CMYK halftone filter. only goes down to 2 pixels :(

would love to see more in this department. love me some halftones :)

Loving this app right now. Love the maths when saving an image too (just purchased a license, but I don't think I'll use it, I want to keep getting the easy maths problems :D)

This fantastic app gets better with every release - fast, powerful and increasingly stable it has now reached the stage of being sufficient for almost all my image-editing needs.

As I rule I am against buying licenses for unfinished alpha or beta software but I gladly paid up for ChocoFlop because I really want to see development continue. This is shaping up to become the best-in-class image app on the Mac.

Looking very promising. I'm looking for a good substitute for Pixen. And ChocoFlop is getting closer and closer to become something really useable in terms of becoming a decent pixel art app!

Huge promise. Exactly what is needed, a light fast image processor that does 60% of what Photoshop will do in 5% the time. Hope development continues, it gets more stable and get gets substantial adoption.

Donate now....

The speed is awesome, but it's rather buggy, and the interface needs a LOT of work. I do keep it around for those things that I don't want to launch Photoshop for, as I can usually launch this, process a few files, and be done with it before PS even loads.

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