Version: 1.2 || Release Date: 2008-07-29 || License: Commercial with demo (39.95) App Owner: sandland

ChronosX is the premier time tracking solution for Apple Mac OS X.

= ChronosX is Fully Automated =
Unlike other time tracking solutions, ChronosX automatically determines when you have been working by monitoring your activity on the computer. No more wasting time pressing "Start" and "Stop" buttons all day. No more worries about losing billable hours just because you forgot to press the "Start" button.

= ChronosX is Unintrusive =
ChronosX installs itself as a small icon in the status bar (at the top of the screen). It doesn't take up valuable space in your Application Dock. It also doesn't leave extra windows on your desktop.

= ChronosX is Integrated With iCal =
ChronosX is fully integrated with Apple Mac OS X's iCal application. This allows you to have an excellent visual representation of the time you have worked, right alongside your regular calendars. It also allows you to publish your working time to a URL for others to see.

= ChronosX Allows You To Create Custom Invoices =
When invoicing time comes around, ChronosX is the most flexible solution available. It allows you to define your own invoice templates as NeoOffice spreadsheets, then fills your working time information into your template, to produce an invoice exactly the way you want it. Of course, you're not just limited to invoices; you can create reports for whatever needs you may have in exactly the same way.

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