Version: 1.2 || Release Date: 2014-10-16 || License: Shareware ($6.99) Developer: Irradiated Software | App Owner: irradiated

Simple and elegant mouse-based window management

Cinch gives you simple, mouse-driven window management by defining the left, right, and top edges of your screen as 'hot zones'. Drag a window until the mouse cursor enters one of these zones then drop the window to have it cinch into place. Cinching to the left or right edges of the screen will resize the window to fill exactly half the screen, allowing you to easily compare two windows side-by-side (splitscreen). Cinching to the top edge of the screen will resize the window to fill the entire screen (fullscreen). Dragging a window away from its cinched position will restore the window to its original size.

If you prefer a keyboard-centric approach to window management, you might also take a look at our other products SizeUp or TwoUp. Use Cinch together with either SizeUp or TwoUp to cover both your mouse and keyboard needs.

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Sorry for the error, its bettertouchtool that does the same job for free, not Mac OSX. Sorry again for my misleading comment.

my OS version is: Mac OS X 10.6.3 (10D573)

I didnt enabled it in any way, I only updated to the latest version by clicking on the apple logo on the top left corner, then "software updates" or whatever is called in english, then updated everything and thats it. After doing all this i noticed that i could do the same that cinch did but natively. just drag any windows to the sides of the screen and the will resize. Sorry, but i cant be more specific, i only updated and my macbook just started to do "cinch stuff" natively.

@carlos_martinez I have no idea what you're talking about... care to elaborate? Where are the settings? How do you enable this feature in Snow Leopard?

bkhl, if you have Snow Leopard just update it to the latest version and unistall cinch.

With the new update this app is useless, now Mac OSX can do this natively.

One of those applications that you really miss when it's not running. Well worth the $7!

Thank you, Irradiated Software -- functionality exactly as described and reliable so far. I really like the animation for showing the perimeter of where the window will resize to.

using this with assistive devices turned on has made my itunes behave strange in the itunes column browser. If I scroll down and select an artist, as soon as I move the cursor, it jumps back to the top of the list. But once i turned off cinch it worked fine again, see

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