Civilization III: Complete

Version: 1.22 Rev A || Release Date: 2007-03-20 || License: Commercial with demo ($39.95) Developer: Sid Meier | App Owner: haleakalari

the greatest strategy game ever... now, with a universal binary patch!

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The fact that they issued this patch is great, as Civ 4 has pretty steep system requirements. Continued support for Civ 3 from the developer helps support gamers with older systems, and keeps this game alive.

From the homepage:
<em>For the first time, Civilization III multiplayer capabilities are available to Mac users. This Complete set includes the original Civilization III game, plus the Conquests and Play the World expansion packs.</em>

oddysseey, this is not a game that you can just fiddle around with for a few minutes, like simcity. most people, including myself, do not even have the time to play more than one full game a week. you obviously do not have the patience or possibly enough leisure time to truly enjoy such a brilliantly immersing game. a full game on a normal sized map with 60% water can take approximately 8 hours, sometimes considerably longer (depending on your finger dexterity) to complete. this is a game that many people really have to "get into" before "getting into it". furthermore, in my experience, having some relevant historical knowledge [or an all consuming passion for certain historical studies, in my case] seems to help (as it provides a strong motivation for achieving victory with your chosen "civ"). having a mass of caffeinated beverages at hand is also a decent idea.

i'd say it's one of the most boring games... but what do I know..