Classic FTP

Version: 1.06 || Release Date: 2008-11-12 || License: Freeware Developer: NCH Software | App Owner: sweetme

Classic FTP is an easy to use ftp client that allows you to view, edit, upload, download and delete files from a remote server.

As its name suggests, Classic FTP has been specifically designed to look and feel like a typical ftp client.

It also features a handy "Mirror and Upload" tool, where by the click of a button it will scan the selected local folder and upload any files that do not exist in the selected remote folder. Classic FTP also allows you to synchronize navigation of a local folder with a remote folder, saving you time and reducing the risk of uploading to the wrong folder.


  • 'Mirror and Upload' tool scans local folder and uploads any files that do not appear in remote folder
  • Support the secure FTP protocol (SSL).
  • Compatible with all popular FTP servers.

  • Very easy to use for day-to-day operation.
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