Version: 3.4.4 || Release Date: 2011-01-27 || License: Shareware (10 US$) App Owner: mendelk

According to a poll at, users install 2 to 3 applications a week, to give it a trial. That means about 2 to 10 megabytes of useless data every week remaining without CleanApp. Now CleanApp helps you to keep track of these files, so your system doesn't clutter anymore.

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Honestly I love this app! I used Appdelet before, it was nice, but this one keep Track of applications all the time, passively, for instance you never leave any useless files/folders behind!

In fact, Cleanapp would be a nice alternative to Xslimmer, which most of us didn't notice. Xslimmer may corrupt some app while slimming, but if you use Cleanapp to do this, everything is fine.
BTW, the logging system of Cleanapp is really not necessary. Turn it off, I suggest.

i rather use AppZapper or Hazel to delete my apps. CleanApp installed CleanAppDaemon on my computer which took way too much resources and caused my fan to go out of control. I had to restart my computer in order to remove it. I guess the daemon is used to check which files are affected by the apps you want to remove.. but too much resources is being used for that single purpose.

I actually personally enjoy AppZapper because seems to have a nice user interface, and doesn't delete all the files. For example, as said by zacks, it will delete all the downloads from, like, Safari.

easily one of my favorite apps. why mac doesn't have a progam like this by default is beyond me.

Latest version seems to have a bug which causes it not to start after it was used and the Mac has been to sleep....restart fixes it, but it's quite annoying.

WAY more powerful then AppZapper but use it with care!
It indexes every file that was touched by the app you want to delete,
for example if you delete your web-browser it also indexes files you downloaded with that browser, so you have to manually de-select files you want to keep.
Otherwise worth every cent!