Version: 3.0a6 || Release Date: 2009-11-17 || License: Other Open Source App Owner: gerritvanaaken

CleanArchiver is a simple and nifty archiving utility.

It supports not only standard archive types such as gzip, bzip2, and zip, but also compressed Disk Image. In addition if the DropStuff application published by Allume Systems Inc. is installed on your system, CleanArchiver can create StuffIt and StuffIt X archives by calling DropStuff via AppleScript.

Moreover CleanArchiver has the ability not to include system files peculiar to Mac OS X such as .DS_Store and custom icon file (Icon\r) in your archive. So your archive is always clean on other operating systems.

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I modified it and embeded info-zip and 7zip into it.
I added multi-volumes archives, compress ratio and password options.
Zip archive mode supports an option to customize filename encoding such as Windows codepages. 7zip supports an options to convert Unicode normalization in NFC which is well used in Windows and Linux. Above two options will help the users who use non-ascii filenames when exchanging archive between Mac and Windows & Linux.
You can use this freely. If you have any questions or problems, ask me anything, please.

If you interested in this apps, visit the below link. Sorry for Korean language only page advanced.

or download application directly.

http:[email protected].zip

This app is invaluable when sending folders to windows users. All too often my Windows friends freak out at all the files that are normally hidden to us Mac users. This does away with them allowing us to send them a clean, zipped folder.

As stated before the app is in English and ever so simple. Just whack it in your dock and boom. Done.

Hooray. An app that actually works on both intel and powerpc reliably. Together with 'The Unarchiver', all of your archiving needs are fulfilled without all that stuffit crap. Don't be put off by the Japanese homepage— the app is in english and so is the help file. Dev: please add xar suport (it's included with leopard, and worth considering). Also, the "clean" features of this little gem are actually useful. Take notice.