Version: 1.5.5 || Release Date: 2010-03-31 || License: Freeware App Owner: delfuturo

WebKit plug-in to prevent automatic loading of Adobe Flash content.

Safari/WebKit plugin that prevents loading of Flash content until you click it. Whitelist sites by holding the option key when clicking a flash box.

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@anamanaman You can show your support for the dev's effort to bring it to Chrome,

@iwod there is a plugin that is currently better at that specific aspect – it fetches video previews that appear immediately, and plays H.264 video on many, many popular sites. In all other respects it is very similar to ClickToFlash, and is currently only missing sIFR/tiny hidden flash elements whitelisting to achieve feature parity.

A must-have for safari/webkit

Really great piece of software which makes switching from Safari to Camino a lot harder.

Love it! Is there a Firefox plugin that works as well? Also, any way to make this work in the new google chrome?


I cant believe this great Plugin is not being used widely.
The best feature of it, is in fact not stopping Flash to load, but to load H.264 Flash video in Quicktime instead of FlashPlayer. Which means much smoother Video experience then Flash.

Those who have Fans spining up and Hot laptop, high temperature problems when viewing Online Video should definitely try this out.

i love this! nice icon that covers it all, so it's not tacky.

btw, there's a fork of clicktoflash which is compatible with both tiger and leopard. it can be found here:

Rentzsch has 1.4b1 on github for those that can compile it themselves.

Cool! Everybody wants flash on the iPhone... I almost got it out from my mac :-)

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