Version: 0.4.3 || Release Date: 2009-11-11 || License: Freeware Developer: naotaka | App Owner: tofubutt

It stores clipboard histories such as plain text, rich texts format, PDF, PICT, and TIFF image. You can access in the menu bar or by using hot key.

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Excellent. This is the best clipboard history tool I've seen so far.

@el_cravito : "Clear History" works for me. Try it with more than one item in your history list.

I've just installed and tried version 0.2.1.
There's a "Clear History" menu now, but... it does not wrok. I tried six pf seven times but all copied items remain there.

@ Developer of ClipMenu:
Could you please tell us what are the new features in version 0.2.1?
Is it possible now to delete all items? Or select the ones you want to delete?

すごいですね! great app! but can you add the possibility to drag the menubar icon for moving (cmd+click), like the most menubar icons? thanks!

@bitnix :
Sorry for the inconvenience. In the next release, I will add features to clear the clipboard history or remove a selected item.

There's but one feature left... and a very important one:

The ability to <b>clear</b> the copy/paste list! Right now, my copied passwords from Safe Place still remain in ClipMenu...

What a gem! Thanks whoever posted it here. Best in show.

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