Version: 0.4.3 || Release Date: 2009-11-11 || License: Freeware Developer: naotaka | App Owner: tofubutt

It stores clipboard histories such as plain text, rich texts format, PDF, PICT, and TIFF image. You can access in the menu bar or by using hot key.

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I find this superior to Jumpcut. The main reason: I can delete individual items (i.e. passwords!) after using them. (I turned Shift-Click, Option-Click, and Command-Click into the "Delete" option.)
Suggestions to the dev:
-If someone copies something from a "password" field remind them to clear it after half an hour or so...
-Group the copied items into smart folders of time: i.e. grouped every half hour, and allow us to right-click and delete groups.

I did a bit of research comparing clipboard managers and this one came out tops for my needs and in general. Amazing feature set, unobtrusive design and it's free! Though I have made a donation to support the developer and thank him for his excellent work.

This is an incredible value for a free app. It's ten times more powerful than Jumpcut and I could easily use it to replace TextExpander. Most highly recommended.



insanely powerful app; beats all the commercial ones by leaps and bounds!

I have to agree with the other posters here who feel that this is the best of its kind. Very simple to use. Very configurable. Very reasonable price. Will have to make a donation…

Would love to be able to turn clippings into snippets. That would make it nearly ideal. I can't seem to find the option but is it already there? Or is the app scriptable?

Translated and correct url:

I have uninstalled and installed ClipMenu again and now "Clear History" is working.
Thank you for the tip, mfichtner.

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