Clips: The clipboard reinvented

Version: 2.0.5 || Release Date: 2012-02-15 || License: Shareware ($6.99) Developer: Conceited Software | App Owner: drudge

Clips is your Mac OS X clipboard reinvented.

Clips is your Mac OS X clipboard reinvented. Use Clips to increase productivity during your daily computing experience. Try Clips today and finally see clipboard and snippet management, the Mac way.

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6 Opinions

Would be great if it didn't consume 2gb of RAM idling, and dragged your machine to a halt (all the while grinding up your hard disks).
The non-working abbreviations is a bit of an oversight as well.

A nice-looking and well intentioned piece of software, which unfortunately cannot be relied on, has not been adequately bug tested, and as shockingly unstable. Suggest waiting for a fixed version or a thorough evaluation before purchase.

Most of the feature-set doesn't work and what does work is illogical at best. Particularly annoying that abbreviations don't function at all.

Clips is... well, a good idea. It provides a nice and clean overview of what you've copied to the clipboard. You also get to categorize your "clips" into categories, which is a really nice feature.

I'm not sure if I did something wrong, but after categorizing (alot of) PHP-related clips under a "Programming"-category, they all vanished upon clearing the clipboard in the clip-organizer. I would've thought they would be saved, so that was a bit annoying. And the fact that Clips consistently ran with over 800Mb of memory-usage in the background was a dealbreaker for me... Sorry. Still like the concept, though.

It's nice. It's not $35 nice, but it is nice.

A truly amazing piece of software

arguably the best clipboard history manager at the moment, but it does cost way too much... T_T