Version: 0.1 || Release Date: 2009-02-28 || License: Freeware Developer: lostgame | App Owner: ameeps

Change the color and texture of your windows, in a one-button solution.

-do NOT move the 'Themes' folder from root, unless you're prepared to have to fix everything yourself. I'll offer no support for people who do that. Themes from different folders will come eventually. This is an alpha release. =P

-you can check out the way it works from 'Show Package Contents.' It's a simple applescript that fixes your 'SArtFile.bin,' and the original for 10.5.6 is included so you can always go back to it.

-on that note, this is for 10.5.6 only. I will support further versions going onwards, but never backwards releases.

-this is not meant to be a replacement for Façade, ShapeShifter or any of that stuff. This is a standalone app to change the colors and textures of the windows in Mac OS Leopard. Do not ask for any more features yet, I'm still planning.

If you're feeling generous and would consider donating a couple bucks, you can do so at '[email protected]', that's my paypal.

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