Version: 0.2.2 || Release Date: 2007-07-16 || License: GPL Developer: Soyabean Software Pty Ltd | App Owner: dcutting

Cloister is a Mac OS X application (Objective-C/Cocoa) designed to keep track of technical papers. It allows PDF versions of the papers to be stored alongside their BibTeX information and eases the task of generating and maintaining BibTeX databases and citations for your LaTeX documents.

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2 Opinions

I loved this when I found it. It was the first software I found in this category. Sadly the guy moved on and wasn't interested in working on it any more. I moved on to Yep, which is great, and then to Papers for work, but I still use Yep for general PDF storage.

This looks abandoned...last update in 2005. I'll stick with BibDesk.