Version: 1.5 || Release Date: 2013-08-22 || License: Shareware ($7.99) Developer: Pilvy | App Owner: sayzlim

Stream Free Music from YouTube, SoundCloud, exfm, online radio, Dropbox, Google Drive, Xiami, and more

CloudPlay is a lightweight music player that lets you quickly find and play millions of tracks and discover thousands of playlists.

Type a couple of words and instantly see music appear from your local iTunes library, YouTube, SoundCloud, exfm,, Jamendo, Xiami, and thousands of online radio stations. Do you keep MP3s in your Dropbox or Google Drive? Stream them with CloudPlay!

Open the playlists menu and explore curated playlists and popular tracks from,, Jamendo, and other sites. Or login to your YouTube and SoundCloud accounts and enjoy your existing favorites, likes, and playlists. With CloudPlay, your music travels with you.

Due to technical restrictions, iTunes Match is not supported and any tracks that aren’t local will be hidden.

To satisfy App Store requirements, if you want to use your keyboard’s media keys with CloudPlay to control playback, you must also press Option-Shift (⇧⌥).


  • Search for tracks in iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud, exfm,, Jamendo, Xiami

  • Search for playlists on YouTube, SoundCloud

  • Play music in your Dropbox, Google Drive

  • Create playlists that contain tracks from one or more sources

  • Play your YouTube favorites and playlists

  • Play SoundCloud likes and sets

  • scrobbling

  • Assignable hotkey to open player

  • Share tracks via Twitter, Facebook, IM, and email (OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion only)

  • Playback control with Apple Remote

  • Optimized for Retina display

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