Version: 1.0b2 || Release Date: 2006-07-11 || License: Freeware App Owner: ninjabong

Clutter is a small Mac OS X application that lets you put music CDs on your desktop. You can drag them anywhere -- they're really windows. Line them up neatly or put them in piles, it's your choice. Each one looks like the real CD's cover, and double-clicking it tells iTunes -- or your SqueezeBox or SoundBridge -- to play that CD.

Think of Clutter as an alternate user interface to your music collection. When deciding what to play next, instead of searching through a huge alphabetical list, let your eye roam over the covers of your favorite CDs and those you've been listening to recently.

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Inspired by fandelost, I searched for the newer version, and found it on the Wayback Machine.

For people with more skill and time then me, you might be able to get the source somewhere and build a better--or at least more stable--version.

For the rest of us:

For minitechnik and everyone else looking for this app, I've found a working download link ( and uploaded the file to RS:

I don't think it's the latest version, but it's all I've found. Finally, after going trough all that hassle, I didn't like the app :(

see... i'd like to have a "i want this" button for stuff like this

Dev's website ( is broken; Does anyone have an alternative download link?

I hadn't used clutter in like a year, or whenever itunes with coverflow came out, then I saw it here and fired it up again. It's great - I'd forgotten how much I liked it. It'll be even better with the clean desktop of leopard.

It also inspired me to clear a lot of crap off my desktop, which is always a good thing.

i wish they would at least update this to make it UB.

anyone know if its artworking importing features work with itunes 7?

A bit old, but fantastic. My PC friends are jealous. Small, fast, and extremely effective, and I get frequent use out of the album-artwork-on-desktop feature.

Yes, a bit old but works GREAT. And have you seen how nice it is with Exposé...? I use this in combination with Amnesty + the iTunes Atrwork widget and it is darling.

A bit buggy, and hasn't been updated in a long time, but still my favorite tool for importing album art into iTunes.

I don't use clutter as a UI, but just for grabbing artwork from amazon or the net for iTunes.