Version: 2.2 || Release Date: 2014-01-02 || License: Freeware Developer: Daniel Kagemann | App Owner: corefault

Small media library

  • minimum detail information for a movie
  • different information sites like and
  • direct change in list
  • numbering with one click
  • smart user interface
  • sorting by clicking on table header
  • re-numbering of items
  • some nice GUI effects ;-)
  • finding duplicates within database
  • goto number
  • finding movies without image
  • special filter via movie details available (all with same category, ...)
  • sparkle support
  • save data as list (text export)

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6 Opinions

thanks for dvd-friends support!

I take your reponse as feature request for the next release. Thanks.

I certainly would use this if it worked with and could be used to scan directories for movie names. Nice interface!

New Version supports Tiger!

At the moment only Leopard is supported.

doesnt start on 10.4.11 Tiger, is it Leopard only?