Cocoa Cookies

Version: 0.9 || Release Date: 2006-07-12 || License: Freeware Developer: Todd Ditchendorf | App Owner: itod47

Cocoa Cookies is a free Cocoa-based utility for Mac OS X Tiger that allows you to search (with regex) and delete (with undo) HTTP cookies stored in the shared Cocoa cookie storage used by Safari, Dashboard, NetNewsWire, Sherlock, Shiira, and others.

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4 Opinions

Works great in Safari. Perfectly reliable and simple to use.

OK, I should have looked properly before: The CookieCuller Addon does the job, works basically like cocoa cookies, but with Firefox (2 and 3).

Worked great for me for a long time... but doesn't work with Firefox 3 (I switched recently), only with Safari etc. I wonder if anyone knows a solution like this for firefox? Which deletes all cookies protected ones?

I rate this nice little utility with 5 stars easily. It's very stable, user-friendly, simple and quick. It sits on my desktop - hungry. After a run through the wasteland of the Net, I go right to it and click one button - voila! All but the protected cookies are chomped. No digging through directories for the caches.