Version: 1.0b47 || Release Date: 2009-09-25 || License: BSD License Developer: Sci-Fi Hi-Fi | App Owner: ldandersen

Cocoalicious is a client for Mac OS X. It acts as a desktop interface to your bookmarks

Cocoalicious is open source, available under the terms of the BSD License. If happen to have an iPod (and who doesn't these days?) and you'd like to support Cocoalicious development, you might consider purchasing an $8 license for PodWorks, my iPod song transfer application.

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This app force-quits in Snow Leopard, and does not work: don't waste your time if you have Snow Leopard as of now.

THE coolest thing about Cocoalicious is that the bookmarks are searchable in spotlight. Once it works again in snow leopard, that will be nice.

the best app i have found for natively managing and searching your delicious bookmarks on a mac osx.

Ugh, apologies--this is not a new release (yet). I was trying to delete an old version and accidentally added a new one. Look for a new release soon.

1.1 does indeed work - thanks for the tip. What does not work is checking for updates in 1.0 - it still insists it's the latest version. This concurs with the homepage, where it says that 1.0b43 is the latest version. Without someone telling me about 1.1 I would never have figured out how to upgrade.

Actually the new version (1.1) works very well and allows a preview mode which makes it more powerful than Pukka.

I actually use both: Pukka for posting (the multiple-account feature is useful here) and Cocoalicious for displaying.

I have tried it but then got to Pukka, which is much better. Even though this one is free, Pukka is totally worth the 5 USD.

It's still broken, this time because now insists on HTTP authentication (as they have warned they would for months). Fixing this app to send the username/password should be simple for someone who knows the code, unfortunately with an exam coming up I've haven't got the time. Shame, it's a nice app.

To fix the API use this url instead:

Yeah this hasn't been working for me due to the API thing. I'm gonna try Pukka instead.

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