Version: 0.7b5 || Release Date: 2007-02-27 || License: Freeware App Owner: arne

CocoaMySQL is a MySQL management (schema and data) app.

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Information about the CocoaMySQL project is available at

Sequel Pro is the continuation of the CocoaMySQL project. Download a copy from

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Active fork of this project at:

There was a bug in this last time I tried it, it was a 0.7 beta, I have to double check if it still exists. But basically if you edit a cell of a row containing a DECIMAL column, the decimal column seems to get set to 9.999999999 of some sort. Not so good. Been using the SBG fork since then out of freight.

Yes, the beta 0.7x is definitely an Universal binary and works fine so far. Please donate guys. This is the most mac-like client out there and it's good to see it coming back to life again!

A new beta has been released on August 6, now a Universal Binary and MySQL 4.1 and 5 support. Apparently, the SBG fork has been abandoned and is now no longer necessary?

Also see CocoaMySQL-SBG, which is an updated version that someone has apparently been maintaining.

Most recent release was a beta build in March 2006. Make sure to follow the sourceforge releases page, not the project web site (out of date).

I agree with audungk that it's much easier to use. (It was my primary data entry method for a long time.) However, it's last release was Sept 11, 2003. I would like to see an update or even just a recompile to universal.

Actually quite similar to the MySQL-Administrator provided by the trusty boys and girls over at, only much easier to understand....