Version: 3.0b1 || Release Date: 2010-03-28 || License: Freeware Developer: Christoph Sinai | App Owner: supermike

Indicates when in range of a wireless network or not.

Imagine the following: You're on a trip with your iBook, PowerBook or MacBook Pro and you want to check emails or do something in the internet. So you're searching for a wireless access point. To do this the "normal" way you have to check the Apple airport-menu continuously to see if a network is in your range.

This normal way is very bad because of two facts:

  • You will miss many networks, because you don't want to open and close the airport-menu all the time
  • In the airport-menu you don't see if the network is encrypted or open - you have to try to connect to verify this

coconutWiFi displays a small aqua-bubble in your menubar which indicates whether you're in range of a wireless network or not. The app also tells you if the wireless networks in your range are encrypted or open, so you won't miss the next open wireless network anymore.

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Functionality of the app is great. Just something to point out. I'm color blind and cannot tell the difference between the green and amber icons at all! I have to use the other pictos that are kinda ugly :(

I find this very useful, as I no longer have to wait forever for my Powerbook to pick up on the network and then go down the list to find one that's unencrypted. Especially handy when traveling.

Nice and simple.

This is a great app in concept, but due to the inherant bad wifi reception on the powerbooks, it will never be great.