Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2012-05-24 || License: Shareware ($99) Developer: Panic | App Owner: kris33

So, we code web sites by hand. And one day, it hit us: our web workflow was wonky. We’d have our text editor open, with Transmit open to save files to the server. We’d be previewing in Safari, running queries in Terminal, using a CSS editor, and reading references on the web. “This could be easier,” we realized. “And much cooler.”

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1. Code hinting ala Dreamweaver/SkEdit
2. CSS Editing ala CSS Edit
3. Preview where you can edit in a CMS like WordPress or Textpattern
4. Collaboration for SubEthaEdit
5. Documentation for everything (albeit free elsewhere but unorganized)

Seems like it was made for me. It's more like an advanced version of SkEdit.

The price isn't great but since I own Transmit a little better. You can get SkEdit and CSSEdit and Transmit for around the same price. Seems like a good deal if you don't own any of the aforementioned products. If you consider the collaboration a killer then this is probably a pretty good deal.

The other question is how much do you value one window editing? This would fit in nicely with my 12" laptop.

My reaction.... 1) I don't know... I love my copy of TextMate too much 2) Hmmm... pretty cool features... if it's the right price... I might give it a shot. 3) WHOA $80! No thanks.

They need to seriously rethink that price.

So... what we're getting here, is a text editor that isn't quite as good as TextMate, bundled with a ftp client that isn't quite as good as Transmit, for a price higher than the sum of theirs. Doesn't sound like a good deal to me.

Granted, the UI is beautiful, and the collaboration feature is cool (although I've never really felt the need for it), but I just don't see why I'd want an app that does several things so-so, instead of several apps that do one thing each, but do it well.

I don't know where your getting this 11mb (xslimmer is telling me 39 mb and when slimmed 27 mb), but it is still light-weight in a sense. I think you hit the nail on the head though about your thought process. I don't think it's a just happen-stance that cssedit just release 2.5 either, but they are different apps. One -window workspace sounds great to me. I personally think the help examples should have images though. I'm still a n00b with css.

@mikesolis : Is that a wow, that's really affordable? Or is that a wow, that's really expensive?

If anyone is thinking the latter, consider this: an arguably better CSS editor than Dreamweaver's, definitely a better built-in FTP client, a much more lightweight application (it's 11MB), built-in reference library (literally). Plus it looks really purty and has the functionality to prove it's not just a pretty face. And DW is like $400 or something.

So ya.. I don't have anything invested in the application, just discovered it myself, but my first thought was that it was really pricey as well, until I thought about everything it is. So I thought I'd share my thought process with you. =)

wow. 80 bucks.

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