Version: 1.6 || Release Date: 2012-04-07 || License: Shareware ($9.99) Developer: Vadim Shpakovski | App Owner: v_s

An excellent code snippet manager for OS X.

If you are looking for a fully-featured snippet manager then CodeBox is exactly what you need!
✔ Support for multiple libraries that can be put into the Dropbox to sync with your co-workers,
✔ CodeBar helper app in the menu bar for browsing and searching through all known libraries,
✔ Edit, Copy or Paste snippets into an active application right from the menu bar.
✔ Use variable placeholders and abbreviations to replace text expanding software,
✔ Extremely flexible snippet management using Tags, Folders, Groups and Smart Groups,
✔ Over 100 syntaxes including CSS, HTML, JavaScript, C, C++, Objective-C, Python, and Ruby,
✔ Import snippet libraries from the other snippet manager apps in one click,
✔ Support for sharing snippets to the most popular social code services i.e Gist and Snipplr,
✔ Each snippet can include multiple assets, for example “index.html”, “script.js” and “styles.css”,
✔ Drag and drop a custom .tmTheme into the code editor to change highlighting colors,
✔ Import source code files and folders by dragging them into the app from Finder,
✔ Create snippets faster using the bookmarklet Add To CodeBox or OS X Services,
✔ All other features that you need from the code snippet manager while developing software!

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Best snippet/code management app I came across!

I've tried all code snippet apps and this one is the best. It's highly customizable and I love how the menubar app gives you quick access to all your code without opening entire app. I'm just waiting for code sharing integration.

@bitnix Please check out the latest version. CodeBox 1.1 brought support for multiple assets!

@bitnix : Thanks a lot for the feedback and feature requests! I'll consider to add them in the future updates.

Nice app!

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Sure, nothing prevents me from pasting it in as plain text, but rather a separation between pure code snippets (to be pasted elsewhere) and info scraps would be something I'd prefer a lot. One of the reasons being that when I search for code snippets in the statusbar, I don't necessarily want to wade through all my info scraps to find the piece of code that I'm looking for. Likewise can be said about the opposite – when I want to refer to some saved information, I don't want to step through all my (pure) code snippets. Ideally, I'd like to separate these two conceptually different facilities – calling one "Snippets" and the other one "Scraps" – and then provide their own keyboard shortcuts for searching.

Very promising little tool. A solid non-regret buy.

+ Light memory footprint.
+ Simple and intuitive interface.
+ Very competitive price.

- One thing I miss in all code snippet apps I've tried (not just Code Box), is a facility to store infos of various kinds. I.e. not just code snippets per se, but also scraps of information from websites, blogs, etc. (with code and descriptional text intermixed) such as short rundowns of the most common brew/gem/git/vim commands, deployment instructions, cheatsheets and somesuch.

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