ColorSchemer Studio

Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2009-12-02 || License: Shareware ($49.99) Developer: ColorSchemer | App Owner: colorschemer

ColorSchemer Studio is a professional color-matching application that will help you build beautiful color schemes quickly and easily.

  • Work with RGB and CMYK colors in a color-managed environment
  • Create and save color palettes
  • Identify color harmonies
  • Access over 1 million pre-made color schemes with COLOURlovers integration
  • Pull unique palettes from photos or images
  • Transform a single color into a complete color scheme
  • Build custom LiveScheme formulas
  • Mix colors and create gradient blends
  • Find similar or related colors
  • Preview colors on a variety of layouts
  • Analyze contrast, readability, and accessibility
  • View colors through colorblind eyes
  • Grab colors from anywhere on your screen
  • Print your color schemes
  • Import colors from websites or swatch files
  • Export colors to many popular apps and formats

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8 Opinions

Retracting my previous comment, as it seems the new v2.0 gave the result I was looking for (i.e. exact hex value). This is a fantastic app and so far the best that I've in its genre for Mac.

I find it odd that this program appears to insist on snapping Hex values to web-compatible values, whereas I'm only interested in saving the exact Hex color as I've decided upon. Is there any way to circumvent this behavior?

This app is great! It's very useful for me as a designer.

Color Schemer is a versatile application and can quickly generate color schemes. Besides the usual color wheel/theory based recommendations, it has a set of additional tools that come in handy once in awhile such as the mixer and photo analyzer. However, I think it could use some of the features found in the Window's version, such as the brightness/saturation increment buttons.

Very cool app. It does a simple task but does it well.

Never mind, I just found Painter's Picker, which does what I wanted.

Does anybody know of a program like this that supports CMYK values?

This one RULZ!!!!