Version: 1.4 build 1131 || Release Date: 2011-07-21 || License: Commercial with demo ($24.95) Developer: Bitcartel | App Owner: ruffnex

The ultimate digital comic software for your Mac!

ComicBookLover is an easy to use digital comic viewer, collector and organiser.

  • Find comics by browsing cover art.
  • View comics in full-screen mode, with support for external display, Apple Remote and motion sensor equipped laptop
  • Edit comic information quickly and easily.
  • Supports popular comic archive formats CBR, CBZ and PDF.

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9 Opinions

The real difference between this program and other comic book readers is the database portion. There are lots of programs out there for free that will read cbr/cbz etc. (and you could just unzip them and view the pictures as a slideshow, if you really wanted to). What CBL offers is organization for a large collection - reading the files is a nice bonus. It makes it much easier to keep a collection organized than a spreadsheet. The one downside is it doesn't (as of the version I have, anyways) provide any syncing with online databases like or others. That would make it PERFECT, as it could auto-fill all the other information with just a title and issue # (and maybe vol. #, as well).

im gonna try out simple comic now, but tbh i love this app. nice remote support and i LOVE the horizontal viewing with the macbook's accelerometer.

Love this app. It's sleek. Unlike Comicbook reader, you can edit some images with CBL. It's about $10 too expensive, but I think I'll get my money's worth with a massive comic collection.

Simple Comic has this market cornered now...sorry ComicBookLover, your price was always a little steep.

The iTunes of comic readers for Mac. Really nice and useful and support .pdf books too.

Really beautiful, but the price is a bit on the salty side.

true dat, alas it isn't free...

Easily the best digital comic book viewer for the macintosh. Its interface is slick and easy to use.