Comic Life Magiq

Version: 1.1 (v15596) || Release Date: 2009-11-18 || License: Shareware ($39.95) Developer: plasq | App Owner: arne

Quantum evolution of Comic Life.

Your life in a comic, magiq! With creative features rivaling 'Pro' applications, while retaining plasq's signature ease-of-use, Comic Life Magiq is a Quantum Evolution of Comic Life.

We worked with a bunch of great designers and illustrators to include a collection of Templates, Props, Balloons and Spraycans. Your comics will help you tell any story.

The underlying engine can handle complex panels, speech balloons and captions. Vector brushes, bezier paths and many compositing options allow you to create professional works for yourself or a client.

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4 Opinions

Don't waste your hard-earned cash. forums are unkempt, riddled with spam. Magiq was garbage 2 years ago and the last update was in November 2009. Garbage. Save your money.

Amazingly buggy. Amazingly premature 1.0 version, totally disappointed. This should still be in early beta-testing. I've been a big fan of Comic Life, but Magiq is a disaster. The GUI is an abortion, it's slow even on a fairly new intel MacBook Pro, saved files are missing data left and right and the app crashes as if there's no tomorrow.

Don't buy this yet.

Amazingly user-friendly
Astonishing results

if you liked comic life you will love Magiq