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Version: 3.4.3 || Release Date: 2011-10-13 || License: Commercial with demo (24.95 USD) Developer: Infinite Nexus | App Owner: arundel

*NOTE: This developer has closed down as of November 2012.

"Compare Folders is a powerful utility designed to compare two folders and tell you which files are the same, which are new, and which have been modified."

Perhaps you've noticed or become victim to a "feature" of Finder: when copying or moving folders from one location to another, if a folder with the same name already exists, its contents are obliterated by the replacement.

This is especially disconcerting for "switchers" as the default Windows method is to merge and only overwrite duplicate files after prompting.

With Compare Folders you can quickly identify duplicate files, unique files (missing from one side), and close matches. The results are recursive, and files can be inspected or copied to a target folder in batch or singularly.

There is no "quick-sync" button to automatically synchronize the two folders and query on conflicts, but it is far and away a time saver compared to Finder.

The demo is limited to 9 compare operations, and offers integration with .Mac (iDisk), Growl and Path Finder. Folder presets can be saved, and results can be exported as text.

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5 Opinions

Doesn't compare the content of applications, ie: it won't list a file that has been added to an application. (It detects a date/time difference however, and the apps will be listed as similar items.)

KDiff3 treats application packages as directories and will show a file that has been added.

or try diffmerge (free, and very nice)

I can only describe FileMerge as "disgustingly slow" when talking about directories of 500+ files. There's a reason it's free.

Functionality does not a utility make.

Thank you sarnesjo! I didn't know FiIeMerge could do that so well.

FileMerge does the same thing, and it comes with the Xcode tools, which are free.