Version: 3.36 || Release Date: 2008-08-11 || License: Commercial with demo (20) App Owner: lethol

Your Xbox 360 is capable of playing back your music and viewing your digital photos. With Connect360, your Mac's ready to share.

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This app doesn't appear to function properly with Snow Leopard. The Xbox still sees the shared media, but is unable to actually play it.

Great app.

v3.36 is out.

already suggested new version.

Great app, but when you tell it to update your iTunes play counts it doesn't wait until after the track is done playing. If you skip 20 tracks in 30 seconds, those 20 tracks get counted as played.

This is excellent, easy to use and works.

The Spring Dashboard update added H.264 playback support on the 360. :)

Version 2.82 supports video but only in WMV format. The xbox may not be able to understand anything else :(

Does anyone know when they are going to be adding Video support?
From what I heard, they're not allowed due to Microsoft stopping all 3rd party apps from developing that functionality.

It was easier to connect my Xbox 360 to my PowerBook G4 running this program than it was to get the Xbox 360 to see my girlfriend's WinXP laptop. Better than the 'real thing'.

Oh man, I'd love to use this, but my iTunes music share is on a computer that's one level of indirection away from my Xbox360, so the packets never make it.

This app kicks ass! Not only does it allow you to listen to your iTunes library on your Xbox360, but it lets you browse your iPhoto library as well. $20, worth every penny. (I had fears I'd have to get my music library on a windows PC to get it to integrate with the 360 - nope!!)

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