Contactizer Pro

Version: 3.8.2 || Release Date: 2009-10-09 || License: Commercial with demo ($119) App Owner: aure

Welcome to Contactizer 3 Pro, an amazing all-in-one solution for managing, sharing and organizing your personal and business informations. Following the tremendous success of it predecessor, Contactizer 3 Pro raises your contact management experience to be more efficient, productive and enjoyable. Contactizer 3 Pro brings a wealth of powerful PIM features, an innovative interface into a clean, elegant and intuitive package specifically built for Mac OS X.

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Contactizer is basiaclly a very expensive Address Book clone.

Any connection between contacts and emails/files have to be done manually. You have to drag and drop those into Contactizer. That adds another complex layer to your workflow.

My verdict: useless & expensive

I’m changing my review. v.3.8.7 is messed up and it won't even launch for no apparent reasons. Reinstallation wouldn't fix. My support requests in the forum returns no viable solutions. Rather, I was scolded for not "using the right support channel" and not sending crash logs, which I can't because the software wouldn't even launch! All my communication logs in the past few months are now lost as a result of this. I regret I gave a favorable review in the past.

Use this software if you don't mind paying them to becoming a full-time beta tester. Avoid this at all cost if your work is important to you and you don't want your data to be locked in. Don't take my word for it, go visit their support forum. You will see my point.

A powerful CRM/business PIM application. It takes some getting-used-to, but it's well worth the learning curve. It lets me search emails and communication logs in a way no other apps do. Email linking is especially useful.

Great app, but a bit too complex for my needs. I'm sticking with something a little more GTD friendly.

If you want to buy my full license for CP 3, drop me an email at greerjb at yahoo dot com. I can let you have it for a good price.

After one week of using CP, I've purchased it. It has some shortcomings but it is, in my opinion, the best CRM/PIM product for Mac OS X. I agree with what 'root' says, try before you buy. Use it the full 30 day trial and see if it's great features outweigh any shortcomings for YOUR particular business purpose.

Documentation is somewhat light and you'll need to utilize the support forums for some questions. Developers are pretty active on the forums, however. As of this writing, devs are coming out with 3.6 which will supposedly feature a "Day Board" and some shortcut keys to quickly add tasks and make it more GTD-friendly for helping to get those tasks "out of your head and somewhere safe" as David Allen would say.

Sneak peek of 3.6 features HERE:

The idea of Contactizer is great - no doubt. I´m a customer since OD4 aswell but cannot agree to previous comments in all points.

I was wondering about the missing manual for contactizer. I still get OD4Contact help although the feature set has changed in many ways and many of them are anything but self-explaining. So I´ve sent a mail to them and haven´t get any response until today. According to the other comments this may happened accidentally and normally support is more responsive.

Integration of iCal didn´t work for me. Entries where doubled and syncing worked crappy in my environment. Again, missing manual didn´t make the iCal integration trustworthy for me. In case of doubt I just don´t use it.... sad, since linking events with communications seemed to be a killer feature!

Great feature: I use Contactizer to track phone call notes and that is just great since you get all your communication in one view, no matter if it´s a phone call, mail or chat. Entry could be easier... e.g. with a shortcut. Too many clicks by now. When the phone rings my client deserves all my attention and not my CRM.

My recommendation: if you consider to use contactizer, TEST IT, then test it again and make sure it works for you before you invest 120 dollar

Very very good application. Lots of attention to details. I'm an old OD4Contact user, and the application as matured well. Some workflow incoherencies were present in OD4Contact and have been smoothen out in Contactizer Pro.

Another good point: fast reply to support questions by email or on their forums.