Version: 125 || Release Date: 2010-02-08 || License: Shareware ($9.99) Developer: FuelCollective | App Owner: charliemonroe

Multipurpose utility; install/uninstall files, clean up unused ones, and more.

Contents... the universal utility to keep your Mac clean on the inside. Install, uninstall, backup, let it clean by itself, browse your libraries and more.

- Browse It Take a peek into the wild. See what is hiding inside, remove items, disable items and much more!
- Search It If you can not find something in the Library browser, you can quickly search for it!
- Cleanup Contents can scan your preferences folder and show you file that haven't been used in a long time.
- Uninstall Uninstall any application with just one drop. Drop the application on Contents and we'll find all the files associated with it.
- Install Sometimes plugins require you to manually install them. With contents, it's simply a drop away!
- Backup Easily backup your files to any folder of your choice!

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