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Contour is a proven story development system that streamlines the process of turning your movie ideas from first glimmer to full outline.

This story development system created by Emmy Award-nominated Jeffrey Alan Schechter, teaches how to use the same character-based structure that nearly all the blockbuster movies use to create stories that hold together from Fade In to Fade Out.

Step by Step
The intuitive, fill-in-the-blanks approach shows you exactly what elements need to be in your script, never leaving you to wonder, "what comes next?" A must-have for every screenwriter.

Contour enables writers to develop a movie concept from the idea stage to a bulletproof outline. Along the way, guiding the writer through plot points of all three acts and explaining major storytelling secrets to crafting a highly marketable movie. The main character's journey is explained through archetypal themes that reverberate in the top 50 grossing movies of all time.

The key to success of the Contour system is the ability to break down a story to a simple structure. Using Contour, you will:

• Answer 4 simple questions that shape most every screenplay in the top 50.
• Develop a single-sentence logline that lays out your entire script like a roadmap.
• Identify 4 archetypes every protagonist moves through from "fade in" to "fade out"
• Lay out 12 foundation beats of ACT ONE.
• Discover a system of breaking down ACT TWO that is so ruthlessly easy you will never get stuck on page 55 again.
• Craft 4 final beats of ACT THREE that readers and audiences expect and that define your script as marketable and professional.

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