ConverTable Units

Version: 2.8 || Release Date: 2008-01-27 || License: Shareware ($15 USD) Developer: Synergy Creations | App Owner: spin

There are (at least!) two big reasons to use Synergy Creations' ConverTable Units:
(1) ConverTable Units accepts "unit conversion plug-in" files, so it's extensible and can handle far more than the thousands of possible conversions already built-in.
(2) ConverTable Units TEACHES how to do unit conversions. Just click the "show tutor" triangle, and ConverTable Units shows you how it is "thinking" about the conversion you've asked it to do. In fact, ConverTable Units "thinks" about conversions using a "unit cancellation" method widely taught in high school and college science courses. By showing how conversions are done, (not just spitting out an answer!) ConverTable Units represents a great teaching and learning tool.

Salient Features:
- Quick unit conversions.
- Plug-in architecture--add your own units. (Plug-in editor available here!)
- User-friendly interface.
- Easy to use calculators included-both algebraic and RPN!
- Convert values in external text files (new in 2.3)!
- Universal PowerPC and Intel Mac OS X version available (new in 2.7)!
- Teaches how unit conversions are done for when you don't have a computer!
- Over 450 units available! 132 (Built-In, Unregistered) + 105 (Built-In, Registered) + 219 (Plug-Ins).

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