Cookie Stumbler Express

Version: 1.2.1 || Release Date: 2012-01-04 || License: Commercial with demo ($6.99) Developer: WriteIt! Studios Ltd | App Owner: jgtiedge

Cookie Stumbler Express eliminates Ad & Tracking cookies and allows you conveniently to maintain only the cookies on your computer which you really want to keep. This eliminates threats to your privacy and helps your web browsers to run faster. It will recognize known Ad/Tracking cookies via built-in definitions and so far unidentified Ad/tracking cookies via an intelligent heuristics engine. Cookie Stumbler Express isn't dependent on advertising companies to "allow" users to opt out as some other applications. It does its job independently and it will do so without interfering when you browse the web.

Cookie Stumbler Express includes the following features:

- Finds known ad, "Permanent Storage" & tracking Cookies through built in definitions and unknown ones through a highly advanced heuristics engine.
- Supports all major web browsers for Mac OS X, including Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Camino, Roccat, OmniWeb, Chromium, Safari & Adobe Flash Player.
- Allows you to clean Cookies automatically using an automatic schedule.
- Optimises Web Browsers by cleaning Caches, Local, Global and SQLite Databases and image caches for all web browsers.
- Maintain whitelist/blacklists for Cookies.
- Deletion Statistics to show the efficiency of the application

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