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Cooliris (formerly PicLens) places a slick button on the right hand side of the toolbar. Pressing the button on a CoolIris-enabled site (e.g. Flickr, Yahoo!, Google, PhotoBucket) displays all the photos it can find on a virtual wall. Trackpad or mouse gestures slide the wall left and right, and zoom in and out.

You can also search a handful of sites from within the CoolIris interface, or select from sets of predefined images — news, sports, entertainment, and more.

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From the blog:

Mac OS X 10.4 and PowerPC Macs are no longer supported with Cooliris version 1.11.3

Here is a table that will help you find which Cooliris version we recommend that you use with your configuration:

All downloads for previous versions are listed in the release notes. Because these are older versions, performance may not be optimal, an upgrade to a supported system is recommended if you want the full Cooliris experience.

Cooliris now has preferences, eg: to adjust the slideshow speed. This is nice. :)

Very nice app... but terribly slow down Safari.
Sometimes when I browse a flash site with Safari, and every time I relaunch Safari, WindowsServer takes 100% of cpu for seconds.
Once removed everything is ok (have the same behavior even on a fresh install).

NB: latest version is 1.8.0.

This app is already registered twice:
- once for the Firefox version (387 uses)
- once for the Safari version (12 uses)

Having separates entries for the Firefox and Safari versions makes senses, because they have different features and aren't always updated on the same time.

This entry, however, looks like a duplicate and should be merged with the Firefox version entry imho.

pretty damn cool

Note: to view a photo from a web page in full screen, you can also drag and drop it from Safari to an image viewer, eg: FFView.

I have FFView set up to display full screen by default, so this method works well for quickly viewing full screen on a site unsupported by PicLens.
You can also drop a photo from Safari to Exif viewer, if you want to see exif information. Or to Picasa Web Albums Uploader...

This is the sweetest plugin I have ever used. Makes pictureviewing on the web a dream!

Version 1.6 and the download link are for PicLens <b> for Firefox </b>.
Piclens for Safari is here:

However, comments here relate to Piclens for Safari, there's some cleaning to be done... :)

The delay between photos is a bit short, it would be nice if it could be adjusted.

Actually it doesn't seem to always get the highest quality available, check this photo for instance: with piclens at 1440×900, the image is quite blurred when compared to the 853×1280 original.
(Make a screen capture as png to compare more easily. Then check the water drops.)

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