Coollris Previews

Version: 1.3 Beta || Release Date: 2007-01-26 || License: Freeware App Owner: crcarl

Cooliris Previews 1.3 for Safari gives you the power to browse web links and rich media instantly.
Fly through web links, and images, without clicking. Simply mouse over the Cooliris link icon and a preview window will instantly appear to show you the underlying content.
Reduce Back button clicks and dead link visits.
Drag and drop a full-size Google image into a presentation or document from the preview window.
Cooliris Previews works for links on Google (Web, Images, News, Groups, Froogle), Yahoo!, AOL, Ask, Flickr, Newsvine, BBC News, CNN News, Craigslist, eBay, and RSS feeds

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5 Opinions

I make extensive use of the popups tool on Wikipedia, so I tried this extension on Windows. I actually found it to be kind of annoying and a bit slow after the novelty wore off. The big problem for me was inadvertantly launching previews, this could be avoided by only showing a preview when a certain key is pressed.

Something a little more lo-fi a la Wikipedia would be nice. I think this concept could eventually be done quite well.

Works wonderfully in Firefox for OS X . I use the Fox in preference to Safari and would give this add on a 9/10 rating .

because it IS fast, saves me lots of tab creation and closing...first a sneek peak, and then open it only if it's of uany real utility. not groundbreaking, but very useful, good productivity app, i love it

I've tried this app before as well. It works amazing on Firefox on Windows XP... but the Safari version being limited to just a few sites takes away from the usefulness of the plugin.

Also, with tabbed browsing now available in all browsers, its not as useful as it would have been 4 years ago.

Interesting app. Not for everyone, but actually quite handy when it comes to Google usage. Very fast in loading, great for Safaris RSS feedreader.
If you wanna have a sneak peak, before actually browsing somewhere, this is a good plug-in. Can also be disabled in Safari's "view" menu.