Version: 1.2b18 || Release Date: 2008-03-02 || License: Freeware App Owner: arau

A very nice comic viewer.
Seems to be OpenGL based.
zip and rar handling
one and two page layouts
Page ordering
Exposé like thumbnail view
Configurable keyboard shortcuts
Image loupe

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Translation of the HP of the most funny part (this is no joke I'm translating verbatim):

With cooViewer you can perform most actions such as change page, go to next bookmark, start slideshow with just one hand.

So even if your other hand is very busy doing other things (!) you can easily operate the application just single-handedly.
It can even open password protected zip or rar archives directly, so if you compress your "secret" book and protect it with a password, your secret will not be exposed to your family.

it is pretty clear what "itch" the programmer tried to scratch when making this app. I personally welcome our one-handed mastur.... masters of programming overlords!

@bitnix , you forgot to use your <code><sarcasm></sarcasm></code> tags

Everyone else, the developer's site is completely in Japanese mojibake. I'm going to try the program, but the site is useless to me.

I think the website for this product sets a very high standard as far as information goes. It's a rock solid school example in how to effectively convey a message! Now, what if every other developer out there were to follow suit and go that extra mile to meet the same level of "reaching out".