Version: 1.5.1 || Release Date: 2007-03-08 || License: Freeware App Owner: pedrotaquelim

Copernicus has been redesigned from the ground up to bring you the easiest screen capture and movie capture available.

It features the ability to capture movies directly to ram, offering higher framerates than possible with other programs. Once you are done recording your movie, you can export to any video format that QuickTime supports, including MPEG-4.

By default, screenshots are automatically directed to the thumbnail viewer, where you can sort through the screenshots you've taken, and make modifications such as removing the mouse cursor, or adding a watermark. Screenshots can be saved to many formats, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and more.

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8 Opinions

It need an option to select a codec and encode the recorded vid on the fly, because is currently only records uncompressed video, but even lower end Macs should be able to directly encode Motion JPEG. With uncompressed video even the RAM of higher end Macs is filled with ease. Other than that it's a really nice app.

Hint for everybody with problems: Record directly to hard disk and use a lower FPS setting. 10 FPS is smooth enough for most stuff.

The menus are a little tricky but I have had a lot of success recording video. The quality is great too.

I ran it and had to force restart my mac 4 times before it would reboot.
I lost 2 hours of work, and received no video.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get this to actually record a video. I tried 3-4 times, selecting to record to both hard drive and RAM, and in general encountered nothing but freezes and crashes. YMMV

But you can easily set it to record to the hard-drive.

The fact that it records to RAM limits it usefulness. It tends to crash with bigger capture areas and recording times longer than 30 seconds.
I really like the look & feel of this tool, but it's not stable enough atm.

btw Display Eater is freeware, too

Yeah, it doesn't run that well unless I make the capture area pretty small, but it's still really cool that it's free.

wow, the video feature is just great cos the sw is free!