Version: 2.2 || Release Date: 2009-09-28 || License: Shareware ($29.99) App Owner: davidb1224

Project management software for writers of all kinds.

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I take that back; the page has been fixed it seems.

Application might be dead. There hasn't been a significant release in ages, and the website looks to be neglected (I just get a blank page under the copywrite section). Download link is broken, though you can still get it from the MacUpdate mirror.

I've purchased and use both Scrivener and CopyWrite. Despite Scrivener having more features and (much) better support, I find myself using CopyWrite more often. CopyWrite is just right for my needs - I don't think it's better than Scrivener, it's just different, and simpler. You might try Avenir which seems to fall between the two.

I was very disappointed in this software. It's cumbersome to switch around from category to category, and it's very slow.

I've just started using Scrivener, and it's far more flexible.

My needs are very specific, however. I do a lot of research and have to juggle a ton of material as I'm writing. If this isn't a concern to you, copywrite may work out well enough

This is the program for writers. Not designers, or artists, or brochuremakers.

CopyWrite has no distractions - great features like chapter management, a live stats updating pane (pages, word count, etc.) fullscreen editing mode, VERSIONING, a separate notes pane tied to each chapter.

Not much in the way of layout tools, and that's on purpose. In fact, it's the entire point! You kids these days, with all your drop shadows, and your blink tags, no wonder you never get any actual WRITING done. Quit procrastinating! Siddown in front of CopyWrite, pour a nice glass of scotch, and summon up your mojo.

When you want to LAYOUT your manuscript ('cuz you're DONE writing it) then export to rtf, right from the File menu. From there, you can bust into MS Word or Pages or whatever newfangled flibbertyjumbo you kids use nowadays.