Version: 0.7.2 || Release Date: 2007-07-06 || License: Freeware Developer: Jeff Dlouhy | App Owner: jeff_dlouhy

Corripio is the premier tool for gathering album artwork. Corripio enables the user to get the best artwork available for their iTunes libraries with the click of a button. The user also has the ability to search for song lyrics. The lyrics will automatically be added to each songs' ID3 tag. Corripio is the iTunes companion a music lover cannot live without.

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My comptuer Crashes whenever I use it

that or corripio crashes...

I set it to find ALL artwork for my library and it crashes..

What a load of rubbish.
I set the correct country and prefs and searched for india.arie (latest album) and this is what I got artwork for:
The beatles, Phil Vasser Greatest hits, Kareoke hiphop pakc, tru life the journal, unknown, swinging on the strings, plus one, and bernard herman

What a joke!
If you want a faster, more accurate album art finder, try this Album Art Widget instead:

...far far better

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