Version: 0.7.2 || Release Date: 2007-07-06 || License: Freeware Developer: Jeff Dlouhy | App Owner: jeff_dlouhy

Corripio is the premier tool for gathering album artwork. Corripio enables the user to get the best artwork available for their iTunes libraries with the click of a button. The user also has the ability to search for song lyrics. The lyrics will automatically be added to each songs' ID3 tag. Corripio is the iTunes companion a music lover cannot live without.

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Awesome app

If you are using multiple iTunes libraries it will not find them automatically, it uses a hardcoded path (that you can fortunately select in the options). It should just pick up the active iTunes library automatically.

You are unable to use it to isolate only those tracks that do not have artwork.

iTunes does not write the artwork that it acquires from the ITS to the file. It stores it in a separate area. From the user's perspective, there is no difference. Yet Corripio sees these files as missing artwork. I advise against using this program until that changes.

I agree with the previous commenters that the artwork it finds is a bit rubbish. I've tried to fix this by coding up a plugin that uses Google Image Search. It's my first Ruby script though, so be gentle :-)

Save the below to a file and then read to find out how to install it.


require 'net/http'
require 'open-uri'
require 'uri'
require 'cgi'

query = (ARGV + ["album"]).join(" ")
sizes = ["medium", "large", "xlarge"].join("|")
uri = "{CGI.escape(query)}&imgsz=#{CGI.escape(sizes)}"

source = open(URI.parse(uri)).read.gsub("\r\n", "")

matcher = /dyn.Img\(".*?",".*?",".*?","(.*?)"/
matches = source.scan(matcher)

matches.first(10).each { |match| puts match.first }

I'd love to use it, since it offers exactly what I want.

But it's crap. Looks like it was programmed with hot needles. It crashes two out of three times whenever I run it. Even when all I try to do is fix capitalization.

Unfortunately it seems to only work from the iTunes library, you can't just drag and drop a file and save the album cover as a picture file in a folder.

This software is utter crap. So far the choises it has given me have been 95% absurd and 5% to the point. I totally recommend against it.

It will say and sort if a track has/hasn't got artwork, but it won't actually show any of it outside of searching? Bizzare.

Good that user-scripts are in this latest version, as I can't rely on the American big box catalogues for what I listen to. So I've been better off with Curator and its Google-bilities.

Does this get artwork from the iTMS yet? I know art collector does...

Magnificent! I tried several artwork downloading apps and none of them compares to this. Hands down, the best app for its purpose.

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