Version: r3 || Release Date: 2006-11-03 || License: Freeware Developer: Concentrate Software | App Owner: almehag

Waiting, it's a fact of life. Whether you're cooking or waiting for a train, you don't want to miss your deadline. Countdown helps you keep track of these deadlines. All you do is enter how long you want to wait or enter the date that you're waiting for and Countdown will take care of the rest. Include a message and you won't wonder what you were waiting for. With Countdown, you won't miss a train or burn a cake again.

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@norz - if by "time format" you mean "am/pm" then it's probably lowercase "a". If you meant something else, try looking it up on a list of generic date/time codes - like this one:

Anyone knows what syntax to use for the "Time format" preference?

This doesn't to work on 10.6. Before I upgraded from tiger it was a great app.

Not pretty, but it works. As @I2g mentions, the key here is the menu bar clock. This is nothing compared to Minuteur, but it is great for minimalist always-visible menu bar countdowns.

There is no one countdown tool for OS X that I like best; every one I've tried has strengths as well as serious flaws. This one is no exception.

Things I like here: the menu bar clock, which can be dropped down to show ALL running countdowns; countdowns can be entered as specific time intervals or as a date/time target; presets to quickly call up often-used time intervals for specific purposes.

Things I don't like: no way to apply meaningful text labels to countdowns unless they are entered as presets; no way to save the program's state, thus LOSING all running countdowns when the app quits.

It defaults to showing an icon in the dock. Add the following two rows to

Afterwords move the .app to another location (like the desktop) and back to the Applications folder. Run the program and now there's no dock icon.