Version: 3.5.5 || Release Date: 2012-08-12 || License: Shareware ($39.95) Developer: equinux | App Owner: equ

Finds all iTunes missing album artwork.

Cover your albums. Rediscover your music. Turn your music library into a visual joyride! CoverScout lets you locate, assign and manage authentic artwork for your digital albums. Seamless integration with iTunes, a host of new features and a simple and intuitive, yet powerful interface make CoverScout an indispensible addition to iTunes.

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7 Opinions

Very nice. Found a lot of artwork I could not locate with other tools/scripts.
I had some trouble when the song info was not complete or incorrect. Being able to override search parameters manually would add even more value.
It is a one-trick, one-shot tool. Is it worth the price? You decide.

"CoverScout can only show iTunes artwork if your iTunes media folder is organized
by iTunes or the library is on the internal harddrive."

Very pretty & all, but practically unusable on an older machine. Maybe if you leave it running overnight & don't try to do anything else concurrently. I'm astounded that it can use so much CPU when it's just basically running a half-dozen web searches and displaying a coverflow view of albums.

I've got a pretty big music library and therefore bought CoverScout together with equinux' other app called SongGenie. And I have to say: never without again. With CoverScout 3 I found all missing artwork, and not only that, CoverScout 3 saves album art directly in the music file itself (even the iTunes covers). No cover will get lost again when moving the files from one hard drive to another.

Yeah, I use this, but if I hadn't bought it, I probably wouldn't do it again. It's pretty much a single use app. Once you get finished adding covers to your itunes collection, what else can you do with it? It's just sitting on my hard drive now in case I ever do use it. Try corripio first, even gimmesometune (I think it can get cover art, but I'm not sure), and then CoverScout.

I'd recommend corripio instead.

Frankly speaking, the over-the-top single machine license (including machine-specific serial generation) is a bit much for a single purpose app like this, especially with so many free apps that do the same thing. It does make things much handier, and some times it really is quite a slick little package, but some controls are less than intuitive and I could do without the constant SpinningBeachballOfDeath on any sort of activity (seriously... should an app like this be doing that on a dual 2ghz machine with 2+GB of ram?) and occasional crashes. I'll put up with that stuff on free apps, but when you drop 20 bucks... it's less than appealing.

Oh well, I bought it so I'll keep using it. All in all, these things add up to frustrations and not panic-attack inducing catastrophes.