Covers Everywhere

Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2009-08-02 || License: GPL Developer: Pablo Roulet | App Owner: pabrou

Covers Everywhere enables the cover art of your mp3 to show up in many devices, such as iPods, Nokias, iTunes, etc.

Did you ever have the problem with the cover art of your MP3 not showing up in your Nokia phones or other devices, despite the fact that they appear in iTunes and iPods?

Covers Everywhere changes the "Picture Type" of the covers saved in your MP3s tag, so they can be visible in pretty much any player, such as iTunes, iPods and iPhones, Nokias phones, Windows Media Player, etc.

The pictures are not modified, so they retain the original resolution.

I created this application because I hated that the covers of my songs weren't visible in my Nokia even though they look fine in iTunes and my iPod Touch.

Localized for English and Spanish

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