Cover Stream

Version: 2.6.6 || Release Date: 2010-09-07 || License: Shareware ($22) Developer: SNARB.TK | App Owner: avetenebrae

Put Cover Flow on your desktop.

Control, browse and search you music, without interrupting your workflow. Cover Stream presents you with iTunes Cover Flow view in a floating, stylish window right on your Desktop, for quick and easy access from any application.

Key features include playlist filter, search filter, integrated songs browser, full screen mode, Last FM, Growl, Apple Remote, Apple-flavored bezels, inbuilt notification system, desktop artwork, global hotkeys, info bar, menu bar item, and much more!

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6 Opinions

i love this app.... but too many BUGGGSSS.....

Req. Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or later, iTunes 7,5 or later.

Very nice, just bought it!

@arne : Please check again 2.0, it improved allot and perhaps will match your request :)

This could potentially be interesting, but in my opinion it has a while to go until it can match the likes of CoverSutra.

The sceaming obvious idea that springs to mind when using this application is the possibility of "turning" around the cover to reveal a track-list so you can pick individual tracks, much like the iPhone.

It's a pleasure to use this application!

In the couple of months or so I have beta tested this app, my stale eclectic taste buds have regrouped and are now kicking ass and listening to good tunes.

Who wants to go to a big ol' iTunes window to browse their music...

Cover Stream, rediscover your music =)